Thursday, September 1, 2011

So Long August

I am never happy to see a month, especially a Summer month. But, this August has had it's ups and downs for us and I can't say that I am sad to see it go. We have been very busy, almost to the point that I can't really remember what all happened, now that is scary!! We have had two antique shows, one brand new and one a repeat show. We did okay at both, wish I could say they were great, but it is just this darn economy that has people stuck and who can blame them. We had my sister's memorial this month,which brought family together,some of which we had not seen in 8 years. Way too long, and hopefully the promises that were made to stay in contact and see each other more will hold true. And then we had hurricane Irene, also my sister's name who the memorial was for. Was she telling our family something? I know I was not the only one thinking that! My real job has slowed up again, economy again and it does not show signs of picking up for the rest of the year, so it maybe another Winter of unemployment, so not looking forward to that. So, time to get on with September. Have a great day friends


  1. I have had enough of the heat and humidity, I am ready for Fall and with a little luck an Indian summer, Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  2. Ginny ~ I'm so sad to read about your sister's memorial how hard all of this must be for you. Yes the economy does suck and I really hope things will turn around. Antiquing is a huge market around these parts it's where most vendors make up for the whole year. I do believe your sister was trying to tell you something. I wish for better days.
    Hugs & Kisses Rosemary...

  3. Ginny,
    So sorry for your loss. There is no one else like a sister.