Monday, November 1, 2010

One Down, One To Go

Antiques Show that is. This past weekend we were in Allentown, Pa @ Ag-Hall annex for Antiques in the Lehigh Valley. It was a so so show for us. What we would call a fair crowd, but not too many buyers. Therefore, we came home with just about the same amount that we took. But, in all honesty this has been our first off show for 2010, so we can't complain too much. I will post our next upcoming show in a few days. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, now to get ready for turkey day!! But, first gotta knock off some of the candy.


  1. I love antiques! I have just collected 4 scales that I am in love with. They are all rusty and everything. One is cast iron and HEAVY. Thank you for stopping by. I love history and love seeing all of the Williamsburg decorations. I follow them through facebook too, that is where I got the video. LOVE IT!

  2. You have just accquired one of my passions. Scales, I have all sizes including my most recent, countertop Candy scale. Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to following Williamsburg. Have a nice weekend.