Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Will The Room Become

Many of you know that Les & I have a antiques business. Most (and I do mean most) of our inventory is stored on our property. Two sheds and inside of our house. In our home we have what I'm guessing would be called a Living Room. It has a door to the outside (our front yard) a large window facing our front yard, two side windows that look out onto our Mud Porch, a doorway to the Kitchen, Family Room and my home office. The stairs also come down into this room and there is a door to a very, very small closet (original bathroom). This is the room where the pieces of furniture that go to shows with us get deposited. This room also has my 45" loom in it, spinning wheels (one is for sale), etc. We have never used this room as a LR and now we are think that we should set it up more like a Antique Shop. The idea is growing on me. When I can I will post before and after pictures. Stay Tuned.

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