Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting The Ducks Ready For Winter

With the beautiful weather we are having today I decided it was time to clean out the duck pens. So, early this morning "The Girls" went outside. They are slightly younger then the boys and can get around quite good. DD aka Danger Duck has been lame for quite sometime now and I decided that he and our other boy would not venture out. The pens were not that bad, considering they have not been cleaned out for quite sometime. It's not a easy task when you are trying to clean around two ducks who need to see what you are doing. But, they are all done and fresh straw is now in place. This will probably the last time they will get cleaned out this year, but when the ducks don't go out every day and don't eat or drink in the pens, they really stay quite clean. There was a time when I had my dozen or so ducks that the pens were cleaned every weekend!! But no more, I have learned alot since those days. My fun will begin in a little while when I try and get the girls back in. But for now they are enjoying their pond and just maybe they will wear themselves out and want to head in to the Duck Hilton tonite. I have posted a new header picture, Fall at Ginnysyard. Enjoy your day!!

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