Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Snow Moon

Tonight February 28, 2010 is the Full Snow Moon. It is called the Snow Moon because heavy snows usually occur during the month of February. If you live anywhere on the East Coast, I believe this year you have experienced some type of snowstorm this month. We have had off and on snow squalls all weekend long, they don't amount to much but after the storms that we have had the past couple of weeks, panic sets in when you see in coming down. We did mange to get out to the shop today and get a few pieces of furniture ready for our booth at Weil Antiques Center, the snow storms has stopped us from getting in to our booth to replenish.And with our antique shows starting up in about two weeks time will be tight, but hey if we didn't like this life we wouldn't be doing it! I have been drooling over Country Sampler Home Tour edition in my spare time, I'm not even halfway thru, I'm reading all the stories and tips and enjoying the pictures. I'm still looking for the new magazine Flea Market, can't seem to locate it in our area. Well, I need to read some blogs and see what auctions are on the agenda for this week, have a Good Evening.

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  1. Ginny....I have the Flea Market Magazine for sale...if you don't find one let me know and I will hold one or send it to you...It is $9.95 - look at your local Walmart - heard they had them. AND it is really will enjoy it - XO, Judy