Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Waiting can make one a bit CRAZY. Les passed his final exam for auctioneers school but must now wait until he is snail mailed the transcripts. At the same time his copy is mailed the testing center in TN will also be mailed a copy.

Once he has his, we then snail mail a copy of the transcript along with $220.00 and a very simple application requesting to take the PA state exam. Once TN has the money, the app and the transcript (even though they have one already) they will snail mail the testing center info to him. He then calls the testing center to set-up a time.

Really people? in this day and age of computers all of this must go thru the USPS?

So, we are looking at Les possibly having his auctioneers license by mid to late July, yes we started this when it was still Winter and we will be entering late Summer when he has the paper in hand. Until that time we are waiting and going CRAZY!

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