Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hazy, Hot and Humid

Please note: I may have posted to the Herbal Bouquet in error, see I said I get squirrely from being in the AC too long.

So, let's try this again. Yep the three H's are upon us. And if you have not been warm enough, the Dog Days of Summer began today. We have been getting rain just about every day or night for weeks now, and it appears that we are in this strange weather pattern thru Wednesday of next week.

Les and I have just come off a busy June full of auctions and pic-ups for the auctions. So, we are looking for a bit of down time. But, Summer is the time for auctions and since we making this one source of our income, guess where we will be in July?  We will be doing our weekly Tuesday auction a pick-up with one of the auctioneers and then another auction mid-July, so we won't have too much down time. And when the rain stops or lets up a bit I need to go outside with a big ole weed wacker and wack away, lol.

We wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Enjoy your day with family and friends and be safe.

Talk to you all real soon.

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