Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy July!

Can you believe it that it is July already? I guess that is what happens when you are busy and having fun, lol. Here in Williams Township it has been and is hotter then HELL!! When your house is old and you only have window air conditioners and just in two rooms I believe everyone will forgive me for saying H**L!!!!!! Like everyone else we are doing what we can to stay cool and if the heat is all we have to complain about, then we are very, very lucky. Les and I have a very good and long time friend who lives 12 miles from the CO fires, she and her husband are doing fine and ask for eveyone's prayers in keeping their firefighters safe and some RAIN!! Time to do that rain dance for our CO friends.

Happy Canada Day to all of our blogger friends!

This week is a busy week on the calender, Full Moon, Dog Days Begin and the 4th of July.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Hi Ginny, It is hard to believe how fast time is going by. AND yes you can say H* is so hot and getting dry here at our house.. this morning I broke out the sprinkling hose for my flower beds..they were looking so nice and I hope to keep them that way so water I must..I just wish we would get a couple of days of rain. I have your friend and all the people in CO in my sad and tragic
    I hope you have a great week.
    Stay cool,

  2. Hi Ginny-I have been praying for Colorado. It is such a tragedy. I will keep them in my prayers. I can so relate to your air condition story. We live in two rooms in back of the inn when we have guests, and we have window air cond. I feel like I'm in a tomb sometimes. You wait all year to open the windows, and then this.......grrrr
    p.s. my flowers were beautiful, but I'm fighting a losing battle

  3. Hi Ginny-there are so many people in dire straights due to weather conditions. Here in Maine the weather has been hot, but nothing like some states are enduring. Fortunately we have been having rain on and off so no dry conditions exist, as of yet anyway. Happy Fourth of July! Hugs, Julie.