Saturday, March 24, 2012

It All Started With A Christmas Card.......

What? The extension of Black Duck Antiques (the extension yet to be named)started with a Christmas card. Friends that we met back in 1985 sent us a card and asked if we were still selling and buying antiques because they are selling their home and have "STUFF" that they need to move on. So, off we went to their home in late January to see what they needed to move. Long story short after talking with them (mostly re-living our fun times together)they asked if we would be interested in handling the sale (s) of their household. What? be a picker, arrange estate sales, send items to auction? Are we dreaming? We said YES and have been busy ever since. I should tell you they will be living in a travel trailer until they tire of life on the road. Yes, that's right they are selling everything or I should say we are selling everything, except the real estate. So far, we have had dealers day at the house, this is where we invited antique dealer friends to cherry pick the house. Our friends were able to find some treasures and we made some money for our friends, minus our commission of course. And from this Christmas card, our friends have gotten us another client and maybe a third client (their family Doctor). Now how cool is this!! That our friends think enough of us to refer us to their friends!! So this is why my posts are few and far between and on the short side, except for tonite. So, remember if you need to move stuff, Les & I just be the couple to help you out. Have a great evening and a wonderful Sunday.


  1. What wonderful friends, lucky you !BTW, you have my dream job! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

    1. Thanks Julie, hope all is well with you & yours.