Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lammas Day (August 1)

Lammas Day marked the beginning of the harvest. Traditionally, loaves of bread were baked from the first-ripened grain and brought to the churches to be consecrated. In Scotland, Lammastide fairs became famous as the time when trial marriages could be made. These marriages could end after a year with no strings attached. Hmm........ Sorry, I am not in agreement with that. But that is coming from someone who has been married for 37 years and counting!! Have a wonderful week friends.


  1. Learned something new this evening Ginny, thanks for sharing. 33 years and counting for this old country gal! Have a great week, hugs from Maine, Julie.

  2. Great story Ginny!
    How's your summer been treating you? Have you done much antiquing?

  3. A very interesting post, Ginny!...Have a great weekend.