Friday, June 17, 2011

Estate Sale

Last Friday Les and I took a trip to New Jersey to attend an Estate Sale. Antiques were listed as one of the items and yes there were antiques, but many were too rich for this dealer to be able to turn around and make a buck. But, we did not leave empty handed. Many of the items in the pictures will go into our booth at Weil Antiques Center. and some just may be come part of my household, LOL. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. We have a couple of events planned, one being that we have company arriving early next week, Whoa!! need to get this placed picked up a bit.


  1. Very nice finds Ginny, I especially like the wooden bucket, will you be keeping it? Have a great weekend, let's hope the sun shines!

  2. Cool stuff my friend...with some of the auction prices you would never know the economy wasn't good! Guess I need a trip to Weil's...haven't been there for awhile! Hope your antique shows were good - sending hugs, Judy

  3. Hey Ginny, would love to visit your booth! I can hardly believe it's almost July! I'm playing catch up with my commenting. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend...
    Hugs Rosemary XX

  4. Hi Ginny,
    yes I would love to see your booth, too!...Wishing you a happy Independence Day!...Heidi