Friday, October 16, 2009

Down to Four

Good Morning, by now anyone who reads my blog knows that I have raised ducks since moving to PA 21 + years ago and also, have helped the wildlife that lands on our pond from time to time. Well, today we needed to say good bye to one of our little black ducks. She (one of three girls) has not been doing well for some time now. I stopped putting her out in the yard over two months now because she was having a hard time climbing the hill to get to the Duck Hilton. At one time when I was working fulltime I would have whisked her off to the vet, but times are tight and there are few vets in our area that really know what to do with a sick duck/goose, so I made her as comfortable as possible and made sure she had a handful of spinach every morning along with her corn and she was happy. I suspect that she had some type of tumor as she got very big and heavy (hence having the problem waddling up the hill) so yesterday she went into a little cage by herself and had her spinach, corn and water to herself and there she stayed until this morning when I found her. Her brothers and sisters are all a little jumpy as they usually are when one dies, but they will be fine and so will she. She has gone off to be with her other sisters and brothers who have passed on. I should add that she is between 10-12 years old, so for a duck she lived a good life. Hope everyone has a good day, take care.

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